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Voltage Regulator Modules

This is a Precision 5V 700mA (3.5W) Isolation Power Supply Module AC-DC Step- Down Module 220V to 5V which can be used to power any DIY projects that can be operated via 5VDC. The module has a power rating of 3.5W.Features:Ultra-thin and ultra-small sizeSupply Voltage: 220VACLow ripple and low noise..
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PWM Motor Speed Controller 40A DC 10V-50V Digital Display 60A Max 0~100% is a  40A high-power PWM DC motor speed controller works with forward reverse and stop control with display showing voltage. It is having  maximum power of 2000W SCM drive motor controller module. Features:Potent..
Ex Tax:₹843.22
This is SX1308 DC-DC Step Up Adjustable Power Supply 28V 2A 1.2Mhz Power Booster Module.LC SX1308 booster module carrying SX1308 chip, its packaging is small, and high efficiency. The output power can be adjusted, maximum can arrive 28V and its interior integrate the lowest RDS internal resista..
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Ultra-Small Size DC-DC 5V 3A BEC Power Supply Buck Step Down Module comes with over-current and over-temperature protection, safe for use. It uses high performance fixed frequency current control mode controller as the core with high efficiency up to 90%. Suitable for Battery chargers, home automati..
Ex Tax:₹101.69
USB Power DC 5V 1A to DC 12V Step Up Module USB Booster Converter Adapter Cable 2.1x5.5mm Plug build with copper Core- (5.5mm x 2.1mm)-1 Meter DC tip size is 5.5*2.1mm, the outer diameter is 5.5mm, and the inner diameter is 2.1mm. It is use to convert 5V DC to 12V DC voltage.Features:Great for short..
Ex Tax:₹245.76
XH-M401 DC-DC Step Down Buck Converter Power Supply Module XL4016E1 is a 180 kHz fixed frequency PWM buck (step-down) DC/DC converter, capable of driving a 12A load with high efficiency, low ripple, and excellent line and load regulation. Requiring a minimum number of external components, the regula..
Ex Tax:₹250
XH-M404 DC 4-40V 8A Voltage Regulator Module Digital PWM Adjustable DC-DC Step Down Voltage Regulator DC XL4016E1 is rated for a maximum power of 200W. The output current for the module can be increased to 8A with the addition of an external fan onto the heatsinks to cool the IC.Features:Adjustment ..
Ex Tax:₹292.37
XH-M411 DC-DC Digital Booster Board Boost Module High-Power 5-45V Output 5A is a great DC to DC step-up power supply module for electric equipment, digital products, etc. Input and output are designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection and disconnection. There is a heat sink on boar..
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This module features the adjustable XL4005 DC-DC 5-32V Adjustable Step Down 5A Buck Power Supply Module capable of driving a 5A load with excellent line and load regulation.This module has a multi-turn trim pot (potentiometer) that you can use to adjust the output voltage. Since the trim pot has 25 ..
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XL4015 5A Variable Voltage & Current Step Down Power Module with LED Display provides output voltage and current limit adjustment in a compact module with built-in display. This compact DC-DC module is an adjustable XL4015 based voltage step-down (buck) converter module with the addition of a cu..
Ex Tax:₹529.66
This XL4016E1 200W Step-Down Power Supply Module with voltage rating 4-40VDC to 1.25-36VDC.This module is rated for a maximum power of 200W. The output current for the module can be increased to 8A with the addition of an external fan onto the heatsinks to cool the IC.Features:Adjustment method: fir..
Ex Tax:₹233.05
XL6009 is a 4A switch current high performance boost ( BOOST ) module. This module uses the second-generation high-frequency switching technology XL6009E1 as the core chip, and its performance far exceeds that of the first-generation technology LM2577 . The XL6009 booster module has lower cost and b..
Ex Tax:₹275.42
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