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Step-Down (Buck) Modules

AMS1117 5V Step-Down Power Supply Module is based on the AMS1117 5V regulator IC. It is capable of regulating a wide range of input voltage (6.0 to 12V) down to a fixed 5V output at up to 1A.  Standard 0.1″ header pins provide a means of connecting to its input and output terminals.These header..
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The AMS1117-3.3 LDO 800MA DC 5V to 3.3V Step-Down Power Supply Module is capable of supplying very stable 3.3V-5V DC when supplied with 4.5V-15V DC. This module is basically the Breakout Board for AMS1117 IC Chip.The module is capable of altering the output of the power source/supply before supplyin..
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DC-DC 4.5-40V To 5V 2A USB Charger Step down Converter Voltmeter Module is a combo of 2A Charger and voltage checker. The module converts input of 4.5-40V into a very stable 5V 2A output. The device features a USB port through which you can charge your phone. While charging your device please consid..
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KIS3R33S 7V-24V To 5V 3A USB Output DC-DC Step-Down Converter Module is a 5V USB output converter module is based on the KIS3R33S module specific design, the input voltage 7V to 24V, output voltage 5.01V 2.5A peak output current of 4A continuous output. Able to provide 3A continuous load current. Th..
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This is LM2596 2A Buck Step-down Power Converter Module DC 4 ~ 40 to 1.3 ~ 37V, it comes with a built-in voltmeter display and uses an advanced microcontroller.Together with its high precision multi-turn potentiometer, this means any desired output voltage within its supply range can be set without ..
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LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Adjustable Step Down Power Supply Module is an buck converter step-down power module with high-precision potentiometer, capable of driving a load up to 3A with high efficiency, which can work with Freeduino, UNO, other main boards and basic modules. When the output curren..
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The LM317 4.2-40V to 1.2-37V 1.5A DC-DC Step-Down Power Converter Module is an electronic circuit for converting a DC source voltage from one level to a lower level. This module is important in some portable electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops, which are primarily supplied b..
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Mini MP1584EN DC-DC 3A Adjustable  Step down Buck Converter Module is a mini DC-DC Step Down Module having input 4.5-28V to output 0.8-20V @ 3A capacity. MP1584EN Mini DC-DC 3A power step-down adjustable module. Buck Converter is usually use to convert 24V to 12V 9V 5V 3V as per application req..
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Mini-360 DC-DC 4.7V-23V to 1V-17V Buck Converter Step Down Module is an excellent ultra small buck converter with 96% efficiency and synchronous rectification capability. It needed a small and efficient voltage-reduction circuit for a remote application, and this unit tests out quite well. Inexpensi..
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XL4015 5A 75W Step-Down DC-DC Converter Adjustable Module with Voltmeter is a DC-DC Adjustable Step Down Converter Module has large power, high efficiency, low-ripple. With power indicator and on-board voltmeter, the voltmeter can calibrate automatically. The measure can be changed between input and..
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XL4015 5A Constant Current / Voltage CCCV LED Driver Lithium Battery Charging Module is a linear module that has constant voltage and constant current function (CC CV) and it has a good performance. When you use it as a charger. this module use good chip as core and it is stable. also its ripple is ..
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XL4015 5A DC-DC Step Down Adjustable Buck Converter Module with Heatsink is a 180 KHz fixed frequency PWM buck (step-down) DC/DC module,capable of driving a 0-5A (Max) Adjustable load with high efficiency, low ripple and excellent line and load regulation. Use as a step-down modules with over-curren..
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