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Servo Controller and Accessories

Aluminum Steering Servo Horn Arm for Futaba 25T is adjustable RC rocker for RC planes servo motors. Aluminum Hole centers at 20 and 24mm from the servo output 25T spine for RC Plane. It includes two steel bolt to secure the split clamp onto servo output.It has an aluminum body and is perfect for the..
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Metal mechanical Arm Gripper for MG995 SG5010 servo kit is very useful to make a robotic arm which is used in many applications like move a material from one place to another place (Weight not exceed than 500 gm).Features :The plank kit is very lightCompatible with our MG995 Servo Specification..
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Want to make a hexapod walker? Maybe you're making a piece of art with tons of moving parts, or you need to drive a ton of LEDs with precise PWM output. Your micro-controller has a limited number of PWM outputs, and you find yourself running out! Not with the PCA9685 16-Channel 12-Bit PWM/Servo Driv..
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This Servo Extension Cable 24 inch Male-Female can be used to extend the leads of many common RC hobby servos. It has 22-AWG wires, and both the male and female cable ends are compatible with both JR- and Futaba-style connectors, allowing it to work in either system or as an adapter between systems...
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