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The mechanical structure of 2WD Transparent Smart Motor Robot Car Battery Chassis Kit for Arduino is simple and easy to install. This car is the tachometer encoder. Can be used for distance measurement, velocity. Can use with other devices to realize the function of tracing, obstacle avoidance,..
Ex Tax:₹312.71
With this 37 in 1 ultimate package, you can do almost all the experiment you can think of ,never need to worry about again you don't have proper materials . This do save you a lot of time, so you just need to focus on your project, be more creative and make some amazing product !It comprises 37 Pcs ..
Ex Tax:₹1,016.95
4 Wheel Smart Car Robot Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder is an ideal electronic toy for both kids and adults. The most economical and newest robot car kit with simple mechanical structure makes it easy to install and function well. Giving therein to your imagination with it and have fun! 4-Wheel ..
Ex Tax:₹572.03
Metal mechanical Arm Gripper for MG995 SG5010 servo kit is very useful to make a robotic arm which is used in many applications like move a material from one place to another place (Weight not exceed than 500 gm).Features :The plank kit is very lightCompatible with our MG995 Servo Specification..
Ex Tax:₹330.51
Ketrix Walking Robot DIY Kit compatible with Arduino is a Walking Robot which can dance, sing, move, etc. with different programming to it. It is an open source, arduino compatible DIY robot.The DIY kit is 3D printable with social impact mission to create an inclusive environment for all kids. ..
Ex Tax:₹1,779.66
This is a RFID Mega 2560 Starter Learning Kit for Arduino and it is a more comprehensive kit than our other Kits for Arduino. Based on our experiments in the Arduino, added the interaction between the Arduino and processing, so that we can use the Arduino and some simple components to make your own ..
Ex Tax:₹2,881.36
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