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RF Transreceiver Module

The 2.4GHz NRF24L01 Module with PA+LNA SMA Wireless Transceiver Antenna use the 2.4 GHz transceiver from Nordic Semiconductor, the nRF24L01 PA LNA. This transceiver IC operates in the 2.4 GHz band and has many new features. Take all the coolness of the nRF2401A and add some extra pipelines, buffers,..
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This is FS1000A 315mHz Tx RF Radio Module. This RF module comprises an RF Transmitter and an RF Receiver. The transmitter/receiver (Tx/Rx) pair operates at a frequency of 315MHz. An RF transmitter receives serial data and transmits it wirelessly through RF through its antenna connected at pin 4.The ..
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This is a high power, long range and easy to use RF wireless transceiver module based on the popular SI4463 IC. It works at the 433 MHz comes with an external spring antenna and can work in ranges upto 1000 meters (requires stable power supply, low datarate and low surrounding interference with line..
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The nRF24L01 is a highly integrated, ultra-low power (ULP) 2Mbps RF transceiver IC for the 2.4GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) band. With peak RX/TX currents lower than 14mA, a sub μA power down mode, advanced power management, and a 1.9 to 3.6V supply range, the nRF24L01 provides a tru..
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The Receiver is an ASK Hybrid receiver module. It is a effective low cost solution for using 433 / 434 MHz. The Transmitter is an ASK hybrid transmitter module. It is designed by the saw resonator, with an effective low cost, small size and simple to use for designing. Low Power Consumption Easy F..
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Ultra small wireless module SI4432 Long Distance Wireless Transceiver 1000 meters wireless module (transmitter and receiver) based on the SI443 chipset. Ranges up to 1000 meters can be achieved! Easy connection to Arduino etc.Ultra small wireless SI4432 Long Distance Wireless Transceiver Module is a..
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This 3.3V VCC Adapter Board for NRF24L01 Wireless Transceiver Module enables you to use NRF24L01 type transceivers on 5V systems like Arduino.It regulates the 3.3V input to 1.9~3.6V DC and incorporates bypass capacitors for reliable operation. The NRF24L01 utilizes Enhanced ShockBurst (ESB) protocol..
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Ai-Thinker Ultra-Long Distance NF-02-PA 2.4G Wireless Module Base on nRF24L01 is best for long distance RF communication with best in quality results. The core of the 2.4G+PA (NF-02-PA) wireless module is the latest high-performance wireless from Norwegian NORDIC.The digital transmission chip NRF24L..
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Technical Data Sheet:Measurement power range: -75 ~ +16 dBm (external RF attenuator can be extended to 100dBm)Measurement power resolution: 0.1 dBmMeasurement frequency range: 1 ~ 600 MHzOutput interface: SMA_KOperating voltage: 6 ~ 12 VDCOperating current: <45 mA (backlight on)Working temperatur..
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This is HX1838 VS1838 NEC Infrared IR Wireless Remote Control Sensor Module For Arduino. The sensor uses HX1838, with high sensitivity and Operating voltage 5V. Output form Digital output. VCC: 3.3V-5V external voltage (can be directly connected to the 5v microcontroller and 3.3v microcontroller).Ki..
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RFM23BP Shielding enclosures is low cost RFM23BP shell which is strong Spot can be shot.Package Includes:1 x RFM23BP Shielding enclosures..
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