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Sandisk 16GB Class 10 Micro SD/SDHC Memory Card A1 series memory card, new form, APP running more smoothly. Shoot, save, and share more than ever before.Capture life at its fullest with the breakthrough capacity of this A1 microSD card. Rated A1 for faster app performance to launch and load app..
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This is 3 in 1 Black Aluminum Heatsink for Raspberry Pi an aluminum heatsink kit used for cooling the chips on Raspberry Pi. Comparing to other heatsinks, it has been attached with thermally conductive adhesive tape, allowing the Raspberry Pi to cool more efficiently. This 3 in 1 Black Heat Sink Set..
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3010 5V Cooling Fan  with Bolt & Nut is specifically designed for Raspberry Pi and can be mounted on some acrylic cases. The fan is useful for projects where heatsinks just aren't cutting it. Protect your hardware with a low power fan. The greatest feature of this fan is its low power consu..
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A simple gadget that can be put onto the GPIO header of a Raspberry Pi so that you can tell what pin does what. This handy reference board makes putting projects together simple and quicker. You can also take this board out and about as it has a handy KeyRing hole.This cute little GPIO reference boa..
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40 Pin Red GPIO Extension Board for Raspberry Pi is a 40 Pin GPIO header to interact with Real World. But it is not that simple to connect circuits to RPi on that 40 pin header. This is simplified using this T-Cobbler board. This T-Cobbler board basically brings out the pins from the Raspberry Pi to..
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The 5MP Raspberry Pi Camera Module with Cable v1.3 equips flexible cable for attaching with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. The 5MP camera module is perfect for small Raspberry Pi projects which have very little space allowance just boot up the latest version of Raspbian and you are good to go!!!The high-de..
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SKU: TECH8679 Brand: Raspberry Pi
This 7 inch Official Raspberry Pi Display with Capacitive Touchscreen gives users the ability to create all-in-one, integrated projects such as tablets, infotainment systems and embedded projects. The 800 x 480 display connects via an adapter board which handles power and signal conversion. Only two..
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SKU: TECH1646 Brand: Raspberry Pi
The 8MP Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (Official) has a Sony IMX219 8-megapixel sensor (compared to the 5-megapixel OmniVision OV5647 sensor of the original camera).The Camera Module can be used to take high-definition video, as well as stills photographs. It’s easy to use for beginners, but has plen..
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This Micro USB OTG Adapter Host Cable for Raspberry Pi can be used well for Raspberry Pi as well. It can also be used properly for A phone. Smart Android Phone, which has a small USB port. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of this cable, it’s not just a regular micro USB cable, but a USB OTG (On the..
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Mini Portable 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse is a handheld wireless multimedia keyboard with sensitive touchpad is comfortable and easy to use and looks good due to its ergonomic design. It is perfect to use with a PC, Pad, Andriod TV Box, Google TV Box, Xbox360, PS3, HTPC, IPTV, etc. ..
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SKU: TECH8681 Brand: Raspberry Pi
The Official Case for Raspberry Pi-3 Model B or B+ is a 5-part Enclosure for Raspberry Pi 3 model B and Raspberry Pi B+. Official case for the Raspberry Pi from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It has removable Lid for easy access to the camera and display ports, Removable Side Panels with easy access t..
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SKU: TECH7261 Brand: Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B quad-core 1.2GHz 64Bit SoC and onboard WiFi and Bluetooth is best product among raspberry pi family. The Raspberry Pi 3 – Model B Original is a third generation product which maintains the same popular board format as other raspberry pi modules, but it has faster 1.2GHz 64Bi..
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