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6V to 12V Mini Transparent Air Pump for DIY Projects is a DC motor driver air pump or air inflator. This is a small air pump and can be used in any DIY projects like aquariums to supply oxygen. It can be controlled by any controller like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, AVR, PIC or any other controller. The p..
Ex Tax:₹93.22
This R385 DC6-12V MINI Aquarium Water Pump is the perfect choice for any project that requires water to be moved from one place to another. When pumping a liquid the pump runs very quietly. The pump is also capable of pumping air, though when pumping air the pump is quite noisy in comparison. The R..
Ex Tax:₹165.25
Micro DC 3-6V Micro Submersible Mini Water Pump is best for making DIY project and also used for Fountain Garden. This is a low cost, small size Submersible Pump Motor which can be operated from a 3 ~ 6V power supply. It can take up to 120 liters per hour with very low current consumption of 220mA. ..
Ex Tax:₹44.92
This DC 12V 15 L/Min 555 Vacuum Air Pump can be used as a Suction And Oxygen Increase Pump For Fish Tank And Air Compressor Separator and multipurpose uses. The main parameters of this pump are the air section vacuum pump, for oxygen, air, etc. If used for aeration of aquariums, it is not suitable f..
Ex Tax:₹381.36
Are you searching for a pump that operates on 12 V and gives an output of above 240L/H then this could be the best choice for your project.This AD20P-1230C Ultra-Quiet DC 12V 3M 240L/H Brushless Submersible Water Pump with Cable 45cm  is a low-cost, small size Submersible Pump. It can take up t..
Ex Tax:₹334.75
This DC 3V Micro Air Water Pump Mini Motor for Aquarium is a low cost and used in Water Fish Tank Aquarium. The applicable voltage of this batch of air pumps is DC3V-5V, power-on test machine, the best working voltage is DC 3V, this time the air volume is good, the sound is quiet, of course the air ..
Ex Tax:₹131.36
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