XBee Pro Module Series-2 XBee Pro 63mW Wire Antenna - Series 2B ZigBee Mesh

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This is the XBee Pro 63 mW Wire Antenna XBP24-BZ7WIT-004 module fromDigi. The new Series 2B improves upon the power output and data protocol of thePro Series2. Series 2B modules allow you to create complex mesh networks basedon the XBee ZB ZigBee mesh firmware. These modules allow a very reliable andsimple communication between micro-controllers, computers, systems, reallyanything with a serial port! Point to point and multi-point networks aresupported.

Series 2B modules use a different hardware configuration from theearlier models and while they will communicate with Series 2 XBee modules, theyare not compatible with the outdated Series 2.5 Modules.



  • 3.3V @ 295mA

  • 250kbps Max data rate

  • 63mW output (+17dBm)

  • 1 mile (1600m) range

  • Wire Antenna

  • Fully FCC certified

  • 6 10-bit ADC input pins

  • 8 digital IO pins

  • 128-bit encryption

  • Local or over-air configuration

  • AT or API command set

Note: Series 1 and Series 2B XBee modules have the same pin-out.However, Series 1 modules cannot communicate with Series 2B modules.

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