Xbee Explorer - Serial / Xbee RS232 Adapter

Xbee Explorer - Serial Xbee RS232 Adapter

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Zigbee/Xbee modules available from Digi work on 3.3v and are difficultto interface to a controller. This Zigbee/Xbee Xplorer Serial is verysimple to use and using this base board you will be able to connect the zigbeemodule directly to the PC.


You can also interface the Zigbee/Xbee module to microcontroller forwhich you will require a MAX232 IC in your circuit. All you have to do isprovide a 9-12V AC/DC supply and you are ready to go.


You can use this module for Xbee Series 1, Xbee Series 2, Xbee PRO aswell as for Tarang Modules.

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