Wireless Rf Pro Module

Wireless Rf Pro Module

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Featuring baud rate of 9600 to 38400 and support of serial UART mode,these wireless RF PRO Module choices come in choices of variable or fixedpacket lengths with line of sight range of 30+ meters and indoor range of 10meters. Further, these wireless RF Pro Module come with multiple channelselection that allows up to 255 different pairs to work in same area and configmode and run mode operation support. Some of its other working features includeonboard jumper setting for config/run mode and packet/byte mode, directreplacement support for wired serial cable and working support with cc2500wireless transceiver module.



1) Baud Rate: 9600 to 38400. Serial UART Mode

2) Packet Length: Variable or Fixed.

3) 30+ meters range Line of Sight / 10 meters range indoors

4) Multiple channel selection enabling upto 255 different pairs towork in the same area

5) Modes of operation: config mode and Run mode.

6) Onboard jumper setting for config/Run Mode and Packet/Byte Mode.

7) Direct Replacement for wired Serial Cable for and serialcommunication

8) Working with CC2500 Wireless Transceiver module

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