Wireless RF 865-869MHz 2KM Range

Wireless RF 865-869MHz 2KM Range

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Wireless RF 865-869 MHz Module is a low-power wirelesscommunication solution that is ideal for Smart Grid, home automation, smartlighting, industrial sensor data acquisition and remote control applications.This module integrates SPIRIT1, an extremely low-power sub-GHz transceiver, anMCU for wireless network control and hardware interface, a PCB antenna andmatching circuitry. Right out- of-the-box this module supports simplepoint-to-multipoint serial communication over-the-air. It has a small 24mm x36mm form-factor for easy integration.


This module allows OEMs to easily add wireless sub-GHz capability totheir electronic devices. A simple cable replacement model allows the module tobe used similarly to a standard serial interface. Full CE compliance and FCCcompliance reduces time to market.



  • RF center frequency of 867 MHz to 869 MHz (can be modified for otherbands)

  • Small 24 mm x 36 mm x 3 mm form factor. Can fit into almost anything.

  • Standard UART interface with hardware flow-control (Clear-to-Send CTS)

  • Easy to integrate into current devices that support RS-485, RS-232,RS-422 or TTL serial data

  • Compatible to 5V power-supply and interface

  • Integrated efficient PCB antenna

  • Robust network protocol for point-to-point and data hoppingcommunication

  • Listen-before-talk and random back-off algorithm

  • 16 bit node address and 16 bit network address

  • Acknowledgement based point-to-point communication with data hoppingover repeaters

  • Settable channels, baud-rate, air-data rate and RF transmit power

  • Configurable parameters, signal-strength limit, ack timeout, networkand point address.

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