Voice Recorder IC

Voice Recorder IC

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  • Upto 7 kinds of operating mode: mp3 mode, one to one key mode,parallel mode, one record one play key mode, Audio book mode, two-wire serialmode and three-wire serial mode.

  • Support MIC and LINE IN Recording.

  • support plug in 64M bit SPI-FLASH, Recording time upto 1600 secs.

  • Support upload and download voice via USB.

  • Support playback the high-quality voice which downloaded fromcomputer.

  • Can record upto 252 segment voice (including fix voice).

  • with function of power down data protection.

  • Support audio recording at 10kHZ or 14 KHz sample rate.

  • Adopt a separate data management system, recording without debris,more reasonable distribution of SPI FLASH space.

  • Support key and MCU Control.

  • 8 level controllable volume

  • Operating voltage: DC 2.6-3.6V , sleep current>10uA.

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