Speech Recognition IC HM2007 KIT

Speech Recognition IC HM2007 KIT

  • Rs. 4,500.00 INR


The Speech Recognition HM2007 system is a completely assembled andeasy to use programmable speech recognition circuit. Programmable, in the sensethat you train the words (or vocal utterances) you want the circuit torecognize. This board allows you to experiment with many facets of speechrecognition technology. It has 8 bit data out which can be interfaced with anymicro-controller for further development. Some of interfacing applications whichcan be made are controlling home appliances, robotics movements, SpeechAssisted technologies, Speech to text translation, and many more.


  • Self-contained stand alone speech recognition circuit

  • User programmable

  • Up to 20 word vocabulary of duration two second each

  • Multi-lingual

  • Non-volatile memory back up with 3V battery onboard. Will keep thespeech recognition data in memory even after power off.

  • Easily interfaced to control external circuits & appliances

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