RFID Reader -Writer 13.56MHz - Uart Interface

RFID Reader-Writer 13.56 MHz-Uart Interface

  • Rs. 1,300.00 INR


This RFID Reader & Writer 13.56 MHz-UART Interface is integratedwith 8 bit micro-controller, analog and digital signal processor and necessarypassive components on both top layer to complete a fully Functional MifareRead/Write Module. This is a compact 13.56 MHz RFID Read / Write Module DesignedFor IS014443A standard and Support Mifare classic 1k, Mifare classic 4kTransponders. It is controlled by external device over UART with simpleprotocols defined in Datasheet.


Special Features:

  • Complete Read/Write module with built-in transceiver antenna

  • Auto checks for presence of a tag

  • Contactless operating frequency 13.56 MHz

  • Supports ISO14443A /MIFARE®, Mifare® Classic1K,Mifare® Classic 4K

  • TTL RS232 Interface, baud rate19200bps

  • Fast data transfer ¬Contactless communication up to 106KHz

  • Secure Encrypted contactless communication

  • Ideal for emoney, secure access and fast data collection applications

  • Typical Operating Distance: 0 – 60 mm

  • Operating Voltage DC 3.0-5.5V

  • Watchdog timer

  • 1 LED indicator

  • Unique serial number on each device

  • Size: 58mm × 35mm × 6mm

  • Weight:10g

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