RFID Reader - USB

RFID Reader - USB

  • Rs. 675.00 INR


This is a plug and play RFID Reader USB. It can be used to readour 125 kHz based RFID cards. Just connect the reader to the USB port and itcreates a new COM Port on the computer. When a RFID card is brought near theReader, the card's data is output using in ASCII through a simple USARTinterface. Since most programming languages allow access to COM ports, it issimple to write custom software programs to read RFID cards and process them asrequired. This board can also be used with micro-controllers to read card data.This reader is perfect for developing RFID based products and projects.


The reader has an on-board power indication LED, a LED and Buzzer toindicate the presence of a RFID Card. The reader can also be used to outputdata in Wiegand format. It can detect cards in the range of 4 - 7 cm.

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