RFID Reader - TTL

RFID Reader - TTL

  • Rs. 500.00 INR


This board uses the EM18 RFID Module. It can be used to read our RFIDcards. Using the board with micro controllers to read a card's data is verysimple and required just a serial connection. The board should be powered at5V, and it requires a direct connection to the micro controller's Serial Rxpin. The card data is transmitted over the serial line when the card is broughtnear the module.


The board has an on-board power indication LED, a LED and Buzzer toindicate the presence of a RFID Card. All the IO pins are brought out tostandard clearly labelled header pins, which simplify prototyping time andeffort. An output pin (DET) also indicates the presence of a RFID card. Theboard can also be used to output data in Wiegand format. It can detect cards inthe range of 8-10 cm.

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