RFID Reader Module 125 KHz or RFID Reader EM18

  • Rs. 320.00 INR


rThis is a great little RFID Reader Module similar to the ID models(the difference being no silicone protection on the back). If you need aninexpensive way to get started with RFID, this is a great little module. Justpower the module, and it will read any RFID card within range. It will outputthe cards ID in a serial string, which can easily be read by anymicro-controller. The spacing on the pins is 2.54 mm, which means the modulewill directly fit on a breadboard. This RFID Reader Module 125 Khz is early touse. It is Low Cost. It gives Serial and Wiegand 26 Output.



  • Voltage: 5 Vdc

  • Current: <50ma

  • Operating Frequency: 125 khz

  • Read Distance: 10 cm

  • Size: 32 mm (length), 32 mm (width), 8 mm (height)

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