RF Transmitter Module - RFM85

  • Rs. 590.00 INR


RFM85 Transmitter Module is a low cost, high output power, lowpower consumption ASK/OOK transmitter module with operating at 315 and433.92MHz frequency. It is your ideal choice for designing long distancewireless data transmission products. Compliance FCC and ETSI regulation. 




  • Long Distance Application

  • Simple-to-use.

  • SAW Resonator

  • 315 and 433.92MHz

  • Data Rate:300Hz-10KHz

  • RF Output Power: 16dBm@5V 12dBm@3.3V

  • Power Supply: 2.1V~5.5V

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Remote control

  • Remote sensor

  • Wireless data collection

  • Home security system

  • Toys                           

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