Potentiometer Membrane MagnetoPot 100mm

Potentiometer Membrane MagnetoPot 100mm

  • Rs. 1,475.00 INR


The MagnetoPot is simple, yet elegant in its ability to track motionin a contactless manner. A magnet on the inside of a cylinder, or on the otherside of a motion device will guide the built-in magnetics of the MagnetoPot forposition output as a voltage divider.


As opposed to a Reed Switch, which gives simply “open” or “close”signals, the MagnetoPot gives the full linear travel as a magnetic sensor. Forthe cost of a Reed Switch, the MagnetoPot offers tremendous sensing solutionsfor a fraction of other magnetic sensors costs. What position sensor can offerthe magnetic characteristics of a reed switch with the output of apotentiometer, for the same cost of a Reed Switch? Only Spectra Symbol’sMagnetoPot.


As a level sensor, both liquid level sensor and a magneticpotentiometer, the MagnetoPot will give linear feedback to position. For liquidlevel sensors, the MagnetoPot can attach to the outside of a liquid tank andgive position of the magnet inside the float. No water ingress, no wearing ofthe part by environment, because the MagnetoPot is away from the activity.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders typically have only end ReedSwitches to control over-extension, but the MagnetoPot can offer much more thanthe end Reed Switches; it can give full-travel position sensing with magneticforces through a potentiometer output.

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