Potentiometer Membrane HotPot 25mm

Potentiometer Membrane HotPot 25mm

  • Rs. 780.00 INR


When you need to track movement in a volatile environment, HotPotprovides a thin and sealed form-factor with operating temperature tolerances of-40 to +85C. The HotPot is the preferred product for industrial and outdoorapplications. By pressing down on various parts of the strip, the resistance linearlychanges from 100Ohms to 10,000Ohms allowing the user to very accuratelycalculate the relative position on the strip. Can be used as an accuratepositional indicator for CNC head positioning, variable user input (volumelevel input for example), straight user input (multiple button areas translateto given resistance levels), and many other applications.


The HotPots are ideal for higher temperature environments, but manyusers also find that the HotPots which are made out of a impregnated fiberglassmaterial, ‘feel’ better than the SoftPots which are made out of a polyesterbase. If you’re planning on using these pots with finger contact (versus withthe actuator), you may want to consider using the HotPot line.

Unit comes with adhesive backing. Connector is 0.1" spaced andbread board friendly.

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