Mini 3A DC-DC Converter Adjustable Step down Power Supply Module - MP1584EN

  • Rs. 110.00 INR


MP1584EN is a mini DC-DC Step Down Module having input 4.5-28V / output 0.8-20V @ 3A capacity. MP1584EN Mini LM2596 ultra small DC-DC 3A power step-down adjustable module Buck Converter is usually use to convert 24V to 12v 9V 5V 3V as per application requirement.


  • Input voltage: 4.5-28V
  • Output Voltage: 0.8-20V (adjustable)
  • Output current: rated current 3A(MAX).
  • Switching Frequency: 1MHz
  • Output Ripple: less than 30mV
  • Efficiency: 96%(max)
  • Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 C to +85 C)
  • Module Properties: Non-isolated step-down module (buck)
  • Size: 22x17x4 mm


The product can be use for DIY mobile power, monitor power supply, power buggies, camera power supply, car power, communications equipment supply, various right size and weight for demanding applications (such as aviation models, etc.).


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