Microwave Sensors Modules HB100

Microwave Sensors Modules HB100

  • Rs. 420.00 INR


Miniature Microwave Motion Sensor is a X-Band Bi-Static Dopplertransceiver module. Its built-in Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) and apair of Micro strip patch antenna array, make it ideal for OEM usage in motiondetection equipment. This module is ideally suitable for false alarms reductionin intruder detectors when work together with Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor. Itcan also be used for auto-door opening and vehicle speed measurement.


1) frequency setting: 10.525GHZ (typ)

2) setting time: 3(typ) USec

3) supply voltage: 5.0VDC

4) current consumption: 30-40ma

5) Operating Temperature: -15 ~ 5

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