L293D Arduino Motor Control Shield for Arduino

  • Rs. 190.00 INR


L293D Motor Driver Shield  



  • It can run 2 servo or 2 stepper or 4 DC motor with the help of external power supply and controlling via arduino. 

  • 2 connections for 5V 'hobby' servos connected to the Arduino's high-resolution dedicated timer - no jitter!

  • Up to 4 bi-directional DC motors with individual 8-bit speed selection(so, about 0.5% resolution)

  • Up to 2 stepper motors (unipolar or bipolar) with single coil, double coil, interleaved or micro-stepping.

  • 4 H-Bridges: L293D chip set provides 0.6A per bridge (1.2A peak) with thermal shutdown protection, 4.5V to 25V  


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