KK Multicopter Board v5.5 Xcopter V2.9

  • Rs. 1,650.00 INR


KKMulticopter Board v5.5 Xcopter V2.9


The KKMulticopter V5.5 Multi-Rotor Control Board controlled by an Atmega168PA 8-Bit RISC based micro controller and has 3 single axis ENC-03RC x3 gyros for reliability. 


It is capable of supporting 2, 3, 4 and 6 rotor models as well as fixed wing models.It features 2 flight modes, "+" and "X".

"+"flight mode is ideal for beginners and is the default mode, while "X"is the sport mode for more experienced fliers.


Light weight and compact, the KK Multicopter V5.5 can fit in the smallest of craft by using a small piece of double sided tape to install.  

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