Johnson Gear DC Motor 300 RPM 12V for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

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JohnsonGeared Motor 300 RPM  




Features of 300 RPM Johnson Gear DC Motor 12V:

  • Rotations per minute: 300 rpm with gear box.
  • Output torque range: 5kg-cm to 7kg-cm.
  • No-load current = 800 ma(max).
  • Load current = upto 9.5 a(max).

Application of 300 RPM Johnson Gear DC Motor 12V:

  • This types of Johnson’s gear motors are normally used in robotics purposes.
  • Pan/Tilt camera, auto shutter, welding machines, water meter IC card, grill, oven, cleaning machine garbage disposers,household appliances, slot machines, money detector, automatic actuator, coffeemachine, towel disposal, lighting coin refund devices, peristaltic pump. 


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