HM2007 IC

HM2007 IC

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The HM2007 Speech Recognition IC performs speech recognitionindependently in a standalone mode, or it can function as a slave to a hostprocessor in CPU mode. In standalone mode, the circuit can recognize up to 40words lasting one second each.

The chip provides the options of recognizing either forty .96 secondwords or twenty 1.92 second words. This circuit allows the user to chooseeither the .96 second word length (40 word vocabulary) or the 1.92 second wordlength (20 word vocabulary). For memory the circuit uses an 8K X 8 static RAM.

The chip has two operational modes; manual mode and CPU mode. The CPUmode is designed to allow the chip to work under a host computer. This is anattractive approach to speech recognition for computers because the speechrecognition chip operates as a co-processor to the main CPU. The jobs oflistening and recognition doesn't occupying any of the computer's CPU time.When the HM2007 recognizes a command it can signal an interrupt to the host CPUand then relay the command code. The HM2007 chip can be cascaded to provide alarger word recognition library.

Features of HM2007 IC Chip are as follows:

  • Single chip voice recognition CMOS LSL.

  • Maximum 40 words can be recognized for one chip.

  • External 64K SRAM can be connected directly.

  • Maximum 1.92 sec of word can be recognized

  • A microphone can be connected directly

  • Speaker- dependent isolates-word recognition system

  • Multiple-chip configuration is possible

  • Two control mode is supported: manual mode & CPU mode.

  • Response time: less than 300ms

  • 5V single power supply

  • 45-pin PDIP, 52 pin PLCC, 48 pad bare chip.

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