HDMI to VGA Converter for Raspberry Pi (with Audio)

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What is HDMI-VGA Converter for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi comes with HDMI Port and does not have VGA port to connect to conventional PC monitor. This converter helps in using the existing monitors as display for Raspberry Pi.

HDMI to VGA Converter for Raspberry Pi (With Audio Out)

You can connect any VGA Monitor (including old CRT Monitors) to Raspberry Pi using HDMI to VGA Converter. This connector is made with high quality Digital to Analog signal conversion chip and works perfectly with Raspberry Pi.


This Converter converts HDMI input into analog VGA, it provides a simple way to output high definition image and sound to VGA equipment. It’s useful for Raspberry Pi, Cubieboard, Cubietruck and so forth.The Converter also includes an audio jack.

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