GY-273 HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer Sensor

  • Rs. 300.00 INR


GY-273 HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer Sensor 

HMC5883L high integration module, and weak magnetic sensor with adigital interface chips, used in low-cost compass and magnetic field detectionarea.HMC5883L including the most advanced high resolution HMC118X series ofmagnetic resistance sensor,  theintegrated circuit with honeywell patent deviation calibration, includingamplifier, automatic degaussing device, can make the compass accuracy controlin 1 ° ~ 2 ° 12 AD converter. 


  • In Ear Design

  • Navigation

  • Robot navigation

  • Home brew virtual reality systems

  • Interactive installations

  • Astronomy

  • IMU (inertial measurement unit) with an accelerometer fortilt-correction pin reference 

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