Fingerprint Sensor with Interface Board

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R305 Fingerprint Module 



R305 Fingerprint Module is a serial fingerprint scanner which can be directly connected to the PC’s com port. R305 Fingerprint Sensor can easily beconnected to any controller via MAX232 IC. This Fingerprint scanner is capableof storing and comparing the fingerprint and accordingly giving the desiredoutput.

Fingerprint processing includes two parts: fingerprint enrollment andfingerprint matching (the matching can be 1:1 or 1: N). When enrolling, userneeds to enter the finger two times. The system will process the two timefinger images, generate a template of the finger based on processing resultsand store the template. When matching, user enters the finger through opticalsensor and system will generate a template of the finger and compare it withtemplates of the finger library. For 1:1 matching, system will compare the livefinger with specific template designated in the Module; for 1: N matching, orsearching, system will search the whole finger library for the matching finger.In both circumstances, system will return the matching result, success orfailure.


R305 Finger print Module Features:

  • Basic Power: 8-12v AC/DC

  • Interface: RS232.

  • Matching Mode: 1:1 and 1:N

  • Baud rate: 9600 – 115200. Default: 57600.

  • Storage Capacity: 256.

  • Average Search Time: <1sec

  • Image Acquire Time: <0.5sec.

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