TGS2602 - Figaro Gas Sensors and Modules

  • Rs. 700.00 INR


Figaro TGS2602 - Air Contaminants Sensor


This sensor has high sensitivity to low concentrations of odorousgases such as ammonia and H2S generated from waste materials in office and homeenvironments. The sensor also has high sensitivity to low concentrations ofVOCs such as toluene emitted from wood finishing and construction products.


The sensing element is comprised of a metal oxide semiconductor layerformed on the alumina substrate of a sensing chip together with an integratedheater. In the presence of detectable gas, sensor conductivity increasesdepending on gas concentration in the air. A simple electrical circuit canconvert the change in conductivity to an output signal which corresponds to thegas concentration.


Due to miniaturization of the sensing chip, TGS 2602 requires a heatercurrent of only 42 mA and the device is housed in a standard TO-5 package.

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