Development Board AVR Ver.1

Development Board AVR Ver.1

  • Rs. 1,299.00 INR


This Development board Avr Ver.1 provides an easy and lowcost way to develop projects on ATMEGA32 Micro-Controller without the need to purchase any other equipment such as programmer or emulators. All the required software's are available as free download including a C compiler.



1) Standard ATMEGA32 CPU with 7.3728MHz clock

2) On board L293 Motor Driver

3) Four 7-Segment multiplexed display

4) 8 LED Array

5) RS232 Serial interface with DB9 Connector

6) On board Buzzer

7) On board ULN2803 Driver

8) 4*4 Matrix Keypad

9) 8 Switch array

10) On board Regulated power supply

11) Port Extension for all ports

12) On board switch for ON/OFF

13) On board Demo Projects

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