Development Board AVR Intermediate - USB

Development Board AVR Intermediate - USB

  • Rs. 710.00 INR


A general purpose AVR Intermediate Development Board with onboard USB support,16x2 LCD support, power supply circuit, RS232 port for serial interface, resetswitch, power status LED, a 6 pin ISP header and 4 x general purpose LEDs andSwitches. The board provides port extensions for all ports and also provides anempty hole for each IO pin, where wires and connectors can be soldered directlyfor further expansion. The board features an onboard USB to Serial converterwhich can be used to do serial communication between the microcontroller andthe computer over the USB port.


The board is compatible with the Atmega16, Atmega32 and othercompatible 40 pin AVR microcontrollers. The board lets you concentrate onprogramming, testing and optimizing your code, and thereby your overallproject, rather than spending time in getting to know the electronics requiredto use these microcontrollers.


The Intermediate Board offers support for 16x2 LCDs with onboardcontrast control and it offers a lot more general purpose LEDs and Switchesthan our basic boards (4 x general purpose LEDs and Switches). The LEDs andSwitches are connected to the IO pins on the microcontroller through jumpersand their connection to the pins can be disabled if you wish to use the IO pinfor other purposes.

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