DC Geared Motor with Encoder 60RPM 26N.cm 12V

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  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC


  • Output Power: 1.1 Watt


  • Rated Speed: 58RPM


  • Rated Current: 410mA


  • Rated Torque: ~2.6 kg.cm (254.8mN.m)


  • Gear Ratio: 60:1


  • Shaft : D-shaped with 6mm diameter, 15.5mm in length


  • Motor dimension (w x l x h): 37 x 37 x 78.5mm (inc shaft), detaileddrawing


  • 5V Quadrature Hall Effect Encoder – Monitoring the position anddirection of rotation


  • Resolution of the encoder output:


        3 pulses per rear shaft revolution, single         channel output


        180 counts per main shaft revolution

  • You may need:


          Coupling-for mounting customized wheel or mechanism


          Bracket-for mounting motor


          Plastic Wheel- for mobile robot


          2 Amp Motor Driver Shield- for Arduino user








User manual

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