DB9 Female Connector Right Angle PCB Mounting

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DB9 FemaleConnector Right Angle (PCB Mounting)


This is DB9Female type Right Angle connector for PCB Mounting. It can be easily solderedon PCB and can be used for serial comunication.


The DB9(originally DE-9) connector is an analog 9-pin plug of the D-Subminiatureconnector family (D-Sub or Sub-D).


The DB9connector is mainly used for serial connections, allowing for the asynchronoustransmission of data as provided for by standard RS-232 (RS-232C).


DB9 plugs


Note thatthere are DB9-DB25 adapters for easily converting a DB9 plug into a DB25, andvice versa.




Pin numberName 

1 CD - CarrierDetect 

2 RXD -Receive Data 

3 TXD -Transmit Data 

4 DTR - DataTerminal Ready 

5 GND -Signal Ground 

6 DSR - DataSet Ready 

7 RTS -Request To Send 

8 CTS -Clear To Send 

9 RI - RingIndicator 


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