Color Sensor Recognition TCS230 TCS3200 Module

  • Rs. 295.00 INR


Color Sensor Recognition TCS230 TCS3200 Module come with programmable color and full-scale output frequency support. Offering direct communication with micro-controller, these also have power down feature, low-profile lead (pb) free and RoHS and compliant surface-mount package. Further, the presence of on-board color sensor support for 3V-5V voltage output and output frequency voltage of 0 - 5V also makes it directly connectable with micro-controller. Some of its standard features include use as programmable color light-to-frequency converters, providing output in form of square wave,scaling of full-scale output frequency to one of three preset values and others.



  • On-board TCS3200 color sensor

  • Support 3V-5V voltage output

  • Output frequency voltage: 0 - 5V

  • Can be connected directly with Microcontroller (ARDUINO)

  • Static detection of the measured object color

  • Best detection distance: 10mm

  • PCB size: 31.6(mm) x24.4(mm)

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