ARM9 Micro2440 S3C2440 3.5 inch TFT LCD Display

  • Rs. 10,150.00 INR

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Available with 64 MB / 128 MB / 256 MB / 1 GB NAND flash and mb nor flash with bios and serial, SPI, USB, LCD, CMOS camera interface, Friendly Arm9 Micro 2440 with LCD options feature presence of 64 MB SDRAM, 32 bit bus with analog input and output support. 


Some of its working specifications include OS support for Windows CE 5 and 6, Linux 2. 6, Android, 3x DB9 connector (RS232) serial port, audio output in form of 3. 5 mm stereo jack and audio input in form of 3.5 mm jack (mono) + condenser microphone and 20 pin camera interface (2. 0 mm). Other than this, it also has 41 pin connector LCD support for friendly arm displays and VGA board support.

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