Arm7 LPC2148 Development Board - Ver.2

Arm7 LPC2148 Development Board - Ver.2

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This is ARM7 Development Board with NXP’s LPC2148 micro-controller. This micro-controller can be programmed through the serial port using the on-chip serial boot loader. The ARM7 Development board has been designed for optimal use of the peripherals on-chip and interfaces on-board to create a variety of applications.




  • An on-board NXP’s LPC2148 microcontroller with ARM7 architecture.

  • A power jack for an external power supply from 8 to 16V AC/DC.

  • Alternatively the board can be powered through the on-board USBconnector.

  • A 16x2 Character LCD interface operating in 4-bit mode. Apotentiometer to vary the contrast of Character LCD.

  • A 3.5mm audiojack to connect the D/A output of microcontroller to aspeaker or headphones.

  • Standard JTAG connector to support programming/debugging of LPC2148microcontroller.

  • An on-board crystal of 12MHz to clock the microcontroller to upto60MHz with internal PLL.

  • A push button to hardware reset the MCU.

  • A push button used in combination with RESET button to enter ISP mode.

  • On-board buzzer with selectable input to generate various audiofrequencies.

  • Two DB9 connectors to implement RS232 communication using the on-chipUART0 and UART1.

  • An on-board crystal of 32.768kHz and a battery backup for on-chip Realtime Clock.

  • A socket to plug-in Digi’s 2.4GHz XBEE RF transceiver.

  • Four Push Buttons to provide digital input to selected GPIO pins ofthe microcontroller.

  • Eight on-board user programmable LEDs on selected GPIO pins with anoption to disable them using a jumper.

  • A connector for 4x4 Keypad interface.

  • A connector to plug-in distance measurement sensors such as PINGUltrasonic Sensors.

  • An I2C based EEPROM.

  • The microcontroller can be programmed using the on-chip serialbootloader using the RS232-0 port.

  • A socket to plug-in SPI based 3-axis accelerometer.

  • Variable Analog Input using potentiometer using one of the three userselectable channels.

  • Socket for interfacing temperature sensor such as LM35.

  • On-board USB connector interfaced to on-chip USB peripheral of LPC2148for USB based communication.

  • A Breakout for all the pins present on the microcontroller.

  • A Well-documented top and bottom side for easy hardware troubleshooting.

  • Package Contents

  • ARM7 development board w/ LPC2148 Microcontroller

  • Product CD-ROM with demo codes with complete source code for all theperipherals and additional resources for getting started with ARM7 on LPC2148microcontroller.

  • RS232 Cable, USB Cable.

  • Character LCD 16x2.

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