Arduino Prototyping Shield with breadboard

  • Rs. 170.00 INR


This Prototyping Shield is designed to facilitate easyprototyping with an Arduino or an Arduino compatible board. It providesprototyping board space to build custom circuits and is great to build customprojects with the Arduino. All IO pins of the Arduino can be tapped intothrough header pins and empty solder pads for easy expansion. 5V and Gnd powerrails are also available on the board. The board also has 4 general purposeLEDs and 2 general purpose switches which can be connected to any IO pin on theArduino.



  • Compatible with Arduino NG, Diecimila, Duemilanove, UNO,Arduino-clones and other boards with an Arduino compatible pinout

  • Large prototyping area with standard 0.1” spaced holes

  • GND and 5V power rails for easy expansion

  • 4 x General Purpose LEDs

  • 2 x General Purpose Switches

  • Board comes with clear and legible pin labels for rapid prototyping

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