Auto Calibrating Colour Line Sensor - LSA08 Cytron

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LSA08(Advance Line Following Sensor Bar) consist of 8 sensors pair. LSA08 is typically used for embedded system or robots for line following task. The specially selected wavelength of super bright green LED as the sensor’s transmitter enables LSA08 to operate on various different colour surfaces. LSA08 is capable to operate on surface with colour of Red, Green, Blue, White,Black, Gray and possibly other colours with distinct brightness different. LSA08 has several different output modes, for the convenience of use for any system. Namely, the digital output port (8 parallel output line), the serial communication port (UART) and the analog output port.





  • 8 sensor pairs spaced 16mm.

  • 12V input power

  • On board Mode and Select button for instantconfiguration of LSA08

  • 3 Different output mode (digital outputport, UART output port, analog output port)

  • LCD display unit showing 8 sensors analogvalue with bar chart and line position.

  • Simple Auto-Calibration function to theline following surface.

  • Junction Pulse (JPULSE) for detectingjunction crossing and junction counting

  • Power polarity protection

  • Low current consumption (typically 26mA)

  • Works on glossy or reflective surface

  • Refresh rate up to 200Hz.






  • Line-Following Robot Using LSA08 in SerialMode with PID Controller

  • Line-Following Robot Using LSA08 in DigitalMode

  • Line-Following Robot Using LSA08 in SerialMode with Digital Output

  • Line-Following Robot Using LSA08 in AnalogMode

  • LSA08 Line Follower with MC40SE

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