8520 8.5x20mm Coreless Motor + 75mm Propeller for Micro FPV RC Quadcopter - 1 Pcs

  • Rs. 210.00 INR



  • Mini Coreless DC motor for DIY quadcopter projects
  • Max Input voltage : 4.2V
  • Max Current : 0.15A
  • Max thrust per motor : 15-20 grams
  • Ideal for mini quadcopter projects weighing below 60 grams 

 Specification - 75mm Blade Propeller Prop:

  • Item Name: Propeller Prop
  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Centen hole diameter: 0.97mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Color :red,black,yellow (Optional)
  • Weight :30g
  • Usage: suitable for 90mm-150mm DIY Micro Quadcopter Frame Kits
  • for 1mm shaft diameter Coreless motor 7*16mm, 7*20mm, 8*20mm
  • for 1mm shaft diameter Carbon Brush motor N20, M20, N30

8.5x20mm Coreless Motor:

  • Motor Diameter: 8.5mm
  • Motor Length: 20mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.0mm
  • Cable Length: 60mm
  • Weight: about 5g
  • Option: Clockwise Motor(With Red Blue), Anti-clockwise Motor(With Black White)
  • Quantity: 4 pcs(2 CW and 2 CCW)

Detailed Parameters :

1. Operating condition

Rated voltage 3.2V DC
Direction of rotation CW and CCW
Operating voltage range DC3.0-3.7V DC
Operating temperature range -10-50°C
Motor position all position

2. Measuring condition

Motor position horizontal or vertical
Power supply regulated DC power supply assuring unquestionable measuring
regulated DC power supply assuring unquestionable measuring 10-30°C  30-95%
If the judgment is questionable,Measurent is to be made based on JIS Standard Testing Condition(20+2°C,65+5% )
Direction of rotation viewed from output shaft side

3. Electrical characteristics

Items Specification Standard value
Rated speed 39000rpm±12% 39000 rpm
Rated current 200mA max 150mA
Rated Load 30500rpm±10% 30500 rpm
Rated load current 1750mA max 1620mA
Starting voltage 1.0V max 0.8V DC
Insulation resistance 10MΩ min AT 250V DC between
motor terminal and case
Mechanical noise
Under rated voltage
60 DB(A) max 53dB(A)


Package Included:

  • 1 x Propeller Prop
  • 1 x CW Motor / CCW Motor

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