IR SENSOR ARRAY OF 8 - Analog and Digital for LFR Robot,Arduino,AVR

  • Rs. 420.00 INR


Product Description:

This sensor module has 8 IR LED/phototransistor pairs mounted on a 0.375" pitch, making it a great detector for a line following robot. Pairs of LEDs are arranged in series to halve current consumption, and a MOSFET allows the LEDs to be turned off for additional sensing or power-savings options. Each sensor provides a separate analog voltage output.

  • Operating voltage: 5.0 V
  • Supply current: 100 mA
  • Output format: 8 Analog and Digital voltages
  • Output voltage range: 0 V to Supplied voltage
  • Optimal sensing distance: 0.125" (3 mm)
  • Maximum recommended sensing distance: 0.25" (6 mm)
  • The module is a convenient carrier for eight IR emitter and receiver pairs evenly spaced at intervals of 0.375" (9.525 mm).

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