415V AC to 190V DC Solid State Rectifier Step Down Converter

  • Rs. 695.00 INR
  • Save Rs. 55.00 INR


There is a very much issue to get reliable converters for the application of various product development. Techtonics introduces new converter module for AC to DC conversion of supply.
  • This is a Solid State Rectifier which is basically used in dc brake motor to operate the dc magnetic brake.
  • This is a fuse based design, and its capacity is to carry the current up to 2 Amp maximum. So when the magnetic brake consumes the more current than its capacity, at that time this fuse will be blown. And because of this your Rectifier and magnetic brake will save with this feature and not going to damage.
  • To continue your work, you just need to replace the glass fuse of the same rating in the Rectifier, and by this, you can continue your work.


  • Input : 415V AC
  • Output: 190V DC
  • Current (A) : 2 A

We are also coming up with converter rectifier in different ratings, like...
1. 415V AC – 190V DC for 0.6 Amp
2. 415V AC – 360V DC for 2 Amp
3. 415V AC – 190V DC for 2 Amp
4. 460V AC – 205V DC for 2 Amp
5. 480V AC – 220V DC for 2 Amp
6. 230V AC – 205V DC for 2 Amp
7. 230V AC – 105V DC for 2 Amp

For any other rating, kindly send us the inquiry.

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