37 in 1 Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino & Raspberry Pi & MCU

  • Rs. 1,550.00 INR



  • With this 37 in 1 ultimate package ,you can do almost all the experiment you can think of ,never need to worry about again you don't have proper materials .
  • This do save you a lot of time, so you just need to focus on your project, be more creative and make some amazing product !

Package Included: 

  • Passive Buzzer Module 
  • Common-Cathode RED&GREEN LED Module 
  • Knock Sensor Module 
  • Shock-Switch Sensor Module 
  • Photo Resistor Sensor Module 
  • Push Button Module 
  • Tilt-Switch Module 
  • RGB LED Module 
  • Infrared-Transmit Module 
  • RGB LED Module 
  • Hydrargyrum-Switch Sensor Module 
  • Two-Color Common Cathode LED Module 
  • Active Buzzer Module 
  • Analog-Temperature Sensor Module 
  • Colorful Auto-Flash Module 
  • Magnet-Ring Sensor Module 
  • Hall Sensor Module 
  • Infrared-Receive Sensor Module 
  • Analogy-Hall Sensor Module 
  • Magic-Ring Module 
  • Rotate-Encode Module 
  • Light Break Sensor Module 
  • Finger-Pulse Sensor Module 
  • Magnetic Spring Module 
  • Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module 
  • Tracking Sensor Module 
  • Microphone Sensor Module 
  • Laser-Transmit Module 
  • Relay Module 
  • 18b20 Temperature Sensor Module 
  • Digital-Temperature Sensor Module 
  • Linear-Hall Sensor Module 
  • Flame Sensor Module 
  • High-Sensitive Voice Sensor Module 
  • Humiture Sensor Module 
  • Joystick PS2 Module 
  • Touch Sensor Module


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