100mm Aluminium Mecanum Wheels - Bush type (LEFT+RIGHT)

  • Rs. 7,500.00 INR

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100mm Mecanum Wheel Sets of (1x Left, 1x Right).

The mecanum wheels are usually designed for movement in any direction. The rollers translate the force in the rotational direction of the wheel to a force normal to the wheel direction.


  • 100mm Aluminum mecanum wheels set (1x Left, 1x Right)

  • Diameter of each wheel: 100mm

  • Width of each wheel: 50mm

  • Length of roller: 19mm

  • Maximum load capacity: 15KG

  • Number of rollers: 9

  • Plates each wheel: 2

  • Body material: aluminium alloy

  • Roller material: rubber

  • Spacer material: nylon

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