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NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor

NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor
NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor
NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor
NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor
NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor
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NEMA17 4.2Kgcm Stepper Motor is usually used for high torque applications. Stepper motor can provide 4.2 kg-cm of torque at 1.7A current per phase. The Nema17 4.2 kg-cm Stepper motor provides excellent response to starting, stopping and reversing pulses from stepper motor driver. It is a brushless DC motor, so the life of this motor is dependent upon life of the bearings. The position control is achieved by a simple Open Loop control mechanism so doesn’t require complex electronic control circuitry.

This is an ideal Motor for ATM machines, 3D printers, Peristaltic pumps, job positioning and rotating applications. Standard NEMA17 frame size and 4.2 Kgcm bipolar configuration motor.


  • Input pulse decides the rotation angle of the motor.
  • High accuracy of around 3 to 5% a step.
  • Provides good starting, stopping and reversing.
  • Control of this motor is less costly because of the exclusion of complex control circuitry.
  • The speed is proportional to the frequency of the input pulse
  • Supreme finish
  • Smooth surface
  • Long lasting life
  • Ruggedness

Package includes :

1 x Nema17 4.2 kg-cm stepper motor

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Step Angle


Step Angle Accuracy

±5% (full step, no load)

Resistance Accuracy


Inductance Accuracy


Current / Phase (A)

1.4 A

Resistance / Phase

2 Ohms

Inductance / Phase

2.8 mH

Holding Torque

4.2 Kg-Cm

Operating Voltage (V)


No. of Leads


Rotor Inertia

54 g-cm

Coil - A

Yellow & Red

Coil - B

Orange & Brown

Weight (gm)


Dimensions (mm) LxWxH


Frame Size (mm)

42 x 42

Shaft Type


Shaft Diameter (mm)


Cable Length

2.5 CM

Shaft Length (mm)


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