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SKU: TECH7848 Brand: Flysky
The Flysky FS-i6S 2.4GHz 10CH AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter With FS-iA10B 10CH Receiver constitute a 10 channel 2.4GHz AFHDS 2A digital proportional computerized RC system. This system offers superior protection against interference while maintaining lower power consumption and high reliable receiver sens..
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SKU: TECH7847 Brand: Flysky
We often get asked, 'what transmitter do you recommend for someone getting into multirotors' and we always reply the Flysky FS-i6X 2.4GHz 10CH AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter With FS-iA6B 6CH Receiver. As radios go, it ticks all of the boxes and much more. Sure, it's not a really expensive big brand radio l..
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SKU: TECH8668 Brand: Flysky
Building on the FlySky iA6B, FlySky are now providing a 10 channel version of the receiver called the FlySky FS-iA10B 10CH 2.4Ghz AFHDS Receiver (Rx). Like the FS-iA6B, the iA10B is capable of iBUS, SBUS, PPM and PWM for enhanced control. The advantage of PPM / SBUS over traditional PWM channels is ..
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SKU: TECH3057 Brand: Flysky
FFlysky FS-TH9X 2.4GHz 9-Ch Transmitter with FS-IA10B Receiver has revolutionized the way people experience RC, and now this radio transmitter and Receiver can stand up to the top competitions.This Upgraded 9 channel TRANSMITTER’S AFHDS (automatic frequency hopping digital system), is developed by F..
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SKU: TECH3111 Brand: Flysky
In the world of racing of drones, the basic requirement is for small and lightweight components that will make a drone more and more nimble. This FS-R6B receiver fits these requirements superbly by being very small in size and light in weight.It Requires 4.8-6 Volts For Working. FS-R6B Flysky 2..
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The next evolution of the rotor revolution is here!! The KK2.1 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA is packing new found power with updated sensors, memory and header pins. The KK2.1.5 is next big evolution of the first generation KK flight control boards. The LCD scree..
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The Landing Gear for Quadcopter provide around 150mm of ground clearance which is just more than sufficient to mount Gimbal or Battery like large equipment at the bottom of your flying machine. Their special purpose is to keep the centre unobstructed for mounting cameras, gimbals, batteries etc. and..
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MARSPOWER MX1806 2280KV Multi-axis Brushless Motor for Quadcopter is a best motor for drones with good performance and loving for good quality motors. Mars Power motors are Lightweight design and designed for FPV QAV250 axis level building.Features: Durable with high quality Adopts the in..
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MR.RC 12A 2-3S LiPo Brushless Electronics Speed Controller ESC is suitable for mid size drone like QAV250 Four Axis F330, etc. This drone are best for making palm size drone and fast moving drone with camera.Features: With stable performance, it is practical and durable Offer you high compatib..
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Multicopter Flight Controller Power Distribution Board PCB for Battery and ESC Connection boards are great for smaller multirotor builds. They’re compact and lightweight and offer large solder pads – making them easy to work with. These boards can handle some serious current – up to 20A per output f..
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Designed for serious quad racers and freestyle maniacs, the Naze32 flight controller is undeniably the most used, recognised and supported flight controller in the scene today. With a 32bit ST micro processor and a host of equally impressive sensors, this Rev6 Acro version comes with 16mbit memory a..
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OpenPilot CC3D Flight Controller Straight Pin STM32 32-bit Flexiport is an all-in-one stabilization hardware which runs the OpenPilot firmware. It can fly any airframe from fixed wing to an octocopter and is configured and monitored using the OpenPilot Ground Control Station (GCS) software. The CC3D..
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