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The Aluminum Metal Servo Arm 25T Metal Horns Round Type Disc For MG995 MG996R  is made up of quality aluminum and is designed to work with our MG995 Servo Motors.Description: Disc Type Metal Horns for 25T MG945 MG995 RC Servos Robot Arm Round LS4G Fits all Hitec standard resin, carbonite and m..
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Center Shaft Gear Motor L Clamp motor mounting bracket is designed for Center Shaft Gear Motor to make the motor mounting easier and faster. The clamps serve as the fundamental parts when it comes to chassis. With this Center Shaft Gear Motor L Clamp (Bracket) motor mounting will become very conveni..
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Johnson Geared Motor Mount L clamp is designed for Johnson Geared Motor to make the motor mounting easier and faster. The clamps serve as the fundamental parts when it comes to chassis. With this L clamp (Bracket), motor mounting will become very convenient.This L Clamp bracket for Johnson Gear Moto..
Ex Tax:₹55.08
N20 Metal Gear Micro DC Motor Mounting Bracket has the center-to-center spacing of the two holes is 16-18mm.Specifications :Height : 11mmWidth : 25mmMaterial: high quality plasticPackage Includes :2 x N20 motor bracket.Note: Package includes the only motor bracket , Package does not include any moto..
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You have a stepper motor, but you need to attach it to your CNC project, is it?Mounting L Bracket for NEMA17 Stepper Motor mount will fit any NEMA17 motor (with 31 mm hole spacing) with four screws. There's two 30 mm long slots, 30 mm apart so you can easily attach it. Made of steel with welded 90-d..
Ex Tax:₹88.98
This Servo bracket PT pan/tilt camera platform 2-Axis FPV pairs with our TowerPro SG90 mini servo for creating your own anti-vibration camera gimbal.Description: Add a camera, a laser beam emitter, or even a remote cannon on your robots and drones. This is a useful FPV nylon Pan and Tilt for multip..
Ex Tax:₹63.56
Servo Mount Bracket for SG90 MG90 Micro 9g is the transparent acrylic Perspex plastic mounting bracket for SG90 and MG90 Servo Motors. With this Servo Mount Holder Bracket For SG90/MG90, you can mount your servo on the robot chassis very securely and firmly. The use of acrylic body accounts for the ..
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6MM Dead Axle Dummy Motor for Robot Wheel is designed in such a way that it represents the axle size and shape of an actual motor but is a passive component as it is just used as a support for fixing un-powered wheels in the robot chassis. You can also connect a 6mm <=> 4mm Coupling to connect..
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This is a 3D Printed Motor Mount Mechanism to tilt with SG90 servo motor. This product is mainly used in making dual-copter and Tricopter.This model can be use to mount BLDC motor and tilt using Tower Pro SG90 servo motor. Specifications:Material : PLAWeight : 15 gramINFILL : 100% SOLIDNote : T..
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Servo Mount Brackets For MG995 MG996 Servo Motor can perform two-degree-of-freedom movement in horizontal and vertical directions, which is convenient for installing cameras. The two-degree-of-freedom MG995 steering gear head is a small torque platform with high torque and high-cost performance.It c..
Ex Tax:₹202.54
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