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Digital Multimeter DT830D Yellow Color - 1000V DC/750V AC comes with 1M Ohm Impedance is Standard Diagnostic Tool to Measure Two or More Electrical Values Such as Voltage, Current and Resistance. It uses digital and logic technology using integrated circuit technology to offer additional test capabi..
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SKU: TECH2233 Brand: UNI-T
Uni-T UT139C True RMS Digital Multimeter is a True RMS auto range digital multimeter with 6000 display count, featuring VFC, NCV, Max/Min/Rel measurements. UT139 series are CAT III 600V digital multimeters designed for electricians. Its NCV feature can effectively check electrical status throug..
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SKU: TECH2258 Brand: UNI-T
Uni-T UT195E Industrial Multimeter IP65 is a handheld industrial digital multimeters with IP65 and 2m drop proof. It can be applied in mines, oilfields and other harsh environments. Compare with traditional multimeters, UT195's troubleshooting capability, resolution, and precision are improved to fi..
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SKU: TECH2240 Brand: UNI-T
Uni-T UT209A Digital Clamp Meter 1000A 1000V True RMS is a 1000A True RMS auto range digital clamp meter, which measures AC/DC current and voltage etc. The 1000A AC/DC digital clamp meter is stable, safe and reliable with low power consumption. Its full range overload protection and unique appearanc..
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SKU: TECH2206 Brand: UNI-T
The new generation UT33+ series redefines the performance standards for entry-level digital multimeters. Our innovative industrial design ensures that these products can withstand 2 meters drop. The new LCD display layout provides a better user experience. Uni-T UT33D+ Palm Size Digital Multimeter e..
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SKU: TECH2219 Brand: UNI-T
Uni-T UT363 Mini Digital Pocket Anemometer can measure temperature, wind speed, and wind count. These meters can be used in energy saving, HVAC, fishing and other industries that use exhaust or ventilation systems. UT363/UT363BT are mini wind speed and temperature meters. UT363 and UT363BTcan m..
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SKU: TECH2272 Brand: UNI-T
Uni-T UT372 Digital Tachometers 10~99,999 RPM is a non-contact tachometer with ranges of 10RPM~99999RPM and 0~99999 counts. It can continuously work for 40hrs with USB interface and data hold. UT370 series non-contact tachometers measure rotating speed of shaft or disk with a point laser and re..
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SKU: TECH2220 Brand: UNI-T
Uni-T UT383 Digital Mini Light Meter is a mini light meter equipped with photoelectric sensing technology, which can effectively represent light intensity with electrical signals, then processes data and displays the result on LCD. UT383 can effectively measure light intensity and display results in..
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SKU: TECH2227 Brand: UNI-T
UT387 series wall scanners are great tools designed for construction and home improvement sector. These scanners can pick up hidden objects behind walls, such as metals, live electrical wires, and wood. UT387B is a hand-held wall scanner for detecting metal, wood and live copper conductors behi..
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