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These Robot Wheel 7cm x 4cm Width for DC Motors can be easily installed on any type of geared DC motors. This is Robot Wheel with 7cm Diameter and 4cm Width. These Wheels mostly used for the small robot, easy to mount, durable and cheap. These wheels have a 6mm hole for a shaft with the screw for fi..
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Robotics DPDT Switch Box Enclosure is used to accommodate two DPDT Rocker Switches. It is a perfect makeshift remote for your robot.This is Remote Control Box for Wired Hobby Robot Control. Remote Control Box is with arrangement to mount two DPDT Switches. Switches are not included. There is no circ..
Ex Tax:₹25.42
This is multipurpose Standard Temperature 40 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun with Superior quality and user-friendly glue gun consists of a trigger that is pressed by the user to spray the Hot melted glue liquid adhesives on the surface of the broken items. Our glue sprayers are extensively used in the toys,..
Ex Tax:₹168.64
Track Belt 2cm Width x 120cm Length for Robotics is a loop of flexible material, which can be used either as a conveyer belt or a mechanism to move your robot. Belts are looped over pulleys, these pulleys have a groove running all through so that the belts fit perfectly inside.You can join two belts..
Ex Tax:₹93.22
Track Belt for Robot - 4cm Width is a loop of flexible material, which can be used either as a conveyer belt or a mechanism to move your robot. Belts are looped over pulleys, these pulleys have a groove running all through so that the belts fits perfectly inside. You can join two belts to increase t..
Ex Tax:₹161.02
Transparent Hot Melt Glue Stick for Glue Gun are solid adhesives in a twist or push-up tubes. The user can apply glue by holding the open tube, thus keeping their fingers clean. Because of their ease of use, and their economic value, glue sticks are a popular school and office supply. Glue stic..
Ex Tax:₹72.03
Wire Stripper and Cutter Set is a High grade alloy steel stripper/cutter ideal for professionals. The tool is suitable for flush cutting action. The tool is mainly used to strip and cut wire with 12-24 gauge. The black oxide finish prevents corrosion. Based on the wire size, screws have to be adjust..
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Worm Gear is a good quality Plastic worm gear with screw mount and 6mm Motor Shaft.Specifications:6MM Motor Shaft DiameterPitch Diameter 40mmLength 32mmScrew Mountable with threaded metalYellow ColorPackage Includes:1 x Worm Gear..
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The 10 in 1 Metric Combination Hexagonal Key Allen Wrench set is made of high alloy steel for strength and lifelong durability. Each hex key is held in a type of key-ring holder to keep organized and to quickly find the correct size required. This come in 10 different sizes including 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm..
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150mm/6Inch LCD Digital Electronic Carbon Fiber Vernier Caliper Gauge Micrometer is a 15 cm or 6 inch low cost vernier caliper which is best for two way measurement  with zero setting functionality in any position. It is an ideal tool for a broad range of industrial and automotive applicationsF..
Ex Tax:₹292.37
The product 3PI miniQ Car wheel Tyre 44mm N20 DC Gear Motor Wheel is a customized high-quality rubber wheel, a diameter of 44mm. The hub for N20 micro motor output shaft design of the bayonet, the ferry can plug and play, without an additional field.White provided inside the left 12 line encoding di..
Ex Tax:₹50
DIY Steel Surgical Scalpel Blade Chisel  is an excellent tool to cut ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, can also process the stainless steel plate below 3mm. The body and the blade is made of HSS ( high-speed steel ) through high speed steel grinding, cutting a smooth hole without burr, saving y..
Ex Tax:₹59.32
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