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Light or Color Sensor

A Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) is also called a photoresistor or a cadmium sulfide (CdS) cell. It is also called a photoconductor. It is basically a photocell that works on the principle of photoconductivity. The passive component is basically a resistor whose resistance value decreases when the i..
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BH1750 Light intensity Sensor Module is a digital ambient light sensor, IIC I2C communication. Good for arduino light detection. It is a  light intensity sensor breakout board with a 16 bit AD converter built-in which can directly output a digital signal, there is no need for complicated calcul..
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This is CJMCU 9930 APDS-9930 Digital Proximity And Ambient Light Sensor For Arduino. The APDS-9930 provides digital ambient light sensing (ALS), IR LED and a complete proximity detection system in a single 8 pin package. The proximity function offers plug and play detection to 100 mm (without front ..
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CJMCU-GUVA-S12SD Ultraviolet UV Detection Sensor Module Light Sensor Module is suitable for detecting the UV radiation in sunlight. It can be used in any application where you want monitor for the amount of UV light and is simple to connect to any microcontroller.The module, with a typical UV detect..
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GY-31 TCS3200 Color Sensor Module is a complete color detector, including a TCS3200 RGB sensor chip and 4 white LEDs. The TCS3200 can detect nearly limitless range of visible colors. Applications include test strip reading, sorting by color, ambient light sensing and calibration, and color matching,..
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GYML8511 Analog Output UltraViolet Light Sensor Module is an easy to use ultraviolet light sensor. The ML8511 Sensor works by outputting an analog signal in relation to the amount of detected UV light . This breakout can be very handy in creating devices that warn the user of sunburn or detect the U..
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LM393 Photosensitive Light-Dependent Control Sensor LDR Module is used to detect the intensity of light. When there is light, the resistance of LDR will become low according to the intensity of light. The greater the intensity of light, the lower the resistance of LDR. The sensor has a potentiometer..
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TCS3200 TCS230 Color Sensor Recognition Module is a complete color detector capable of detecting static color. The output of the sensor is a square wave with frequency directly proportional to incident light intensity. It also supports fill light by on board LEDs. It includes a TAOS TCS3200 RGB sens..
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The CJMCU-34725 TCS34725 Color Sensor RGB Module provides digital return values for red, green, blue (RGB) and bright light sensing digital Mingguang induction return value. Color-sensitive photodiode integrated cut and localized infrared shading filter, to minimize the incident infrared spectrum co..
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This CJMCU-TEMT6000 An Ambient Light Sensor module uses a special ambient light detector(TMET6000) with a spectral response that closely emulates the human eye. It helps you to detect the light density and reflect the analog voltage signal back to the Arduino controller. You can set the threshold of..
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SKU: TECH1648 Brand: Seeed Studio
SeeedStudio Grove UV Sensor is used for detecting the intensity of incident ultraviolet(UV) radiation. This form of electromagnetic radiation has shorter wavelengths than visible radiation. It is based on sensor GUVA-S12SD. It has a wide spectral range of 200nm-400nm. The module will output an elect..
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